Dry Needling

This fairly modern technique is used for a range of soft tissue injuries and conditions, pain and movement impairments.

It involves the insertion of a very thin acupuncture needle into painful muscles or hyper-irritable spots within a muscle (trigger points) that are causing pain in other areas. When needles are inserted into trigger points, they elicit a response that releases the trigger point and restores normal function.

Dry needling isn’t just effective but is relatively fast-acting. Patients will begin to note an improvement in their symptoms within one to three days after treatment.

Furthermore, there are very minimal risks associated with dry needling. The needles are placed precisely and carefully to minimise discomfort.

Dry needling is a popular treatment choice amongst athletes but can be effective for anyone suffering from chronic muscle pain or conditions such as shin splints, carpal tunnel, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, knee pain, back and shoulder pain etc.

£40 per treatment